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Pottery Making enhances creativity, spatial intelligence and fine-motor skills development among children. Clay modelling is one of the most effective ways in nurturing the ability to create. It is fun and encourages creative movement in children. Through clay modelling, children are able to harness their ability to create.

Pottery making is a wonderful activity for children as it:-

  • Enhances their creativity & spatial intelligence

  • Nurtures their ability to create

  • Improves their fine-motor skills

  • Encourages out-of-the-box thinking

  • Enables them to develop focus, concentration and perseverance

  • Develops their 3-D visualization ability.

  • Increases their confidence in realizing their ability to create functional ware!

Come for a TRIAL CLASS at Clay Cove and discover whether your child like clay creations.

Costs: $60 per child (Trial session)

It’s suitable for 5-14 years old. During the Trial class, your child would learn PINCHING method, which is the most basic hand building method in pottery making. He/she will make three ice-cream bowls using pinching method.The clay artworks would be bisque fired, coated with a layer of transparent glaze and fired the 2nd time. The completed pinched bowls can be used as functional ware, i.e. you can use them for your favourite ice-cream!If your child would like to PAINT his/her ice-cream bowls, you may consider the 2-session workshop, whereby he/she will create and paint the ice-cream bowls.


Costs: $100 per child (2-session Pottery workshop)

For payment via PayNow, please use Clay Cove SGQR Label. Clay Cove UEN is T08LL0090D.

For Bill Reference Number, please indicate your child's / children's name.

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