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Corporate Workshops


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Call Clay Cove at 6733-8129 or email to enquire about how Clay Cove can facilitate your team building event!

Deposit for Team Building: $100

For payment via PayNow, please use Clay Cove SGQR Label. Clay Cove UEN is T08LL0090D.

For Bill Reference Number, please indicate your organisation.

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The pottery making workshop is aimed at enhancing the creativity among the participants and creating a self-awareness of each participants’ ability to innovate.

The team building workshop is aimed at bringing people together to share ideas and use their hands in creating pottery masterpieces. The participants may not normally be working together in a creative environment and our workshop will take them away from their busy schedule. The participants will also feel a strong sense of accomplishment in having contributed to being part of a creative project.

In the training, the trainers use clay as the main medium and facilitate the session to encourage the participants to design and build a sculpture. The participants are usually encouraged to think out of the box and come up with unique designs. In thinking out of the box, the participants will discover their latent creativity and work as a team in creating a unique pottery sculpture that may serve as a functional ware too.

Come together and design unique sculptures! Leverage on each colleagues’ strength and ideas. Take on different roles of being a designer and builder to create a first-of-its-kind pottery masterpiece based on a theme!

This innovative pottery workshop can be conducted at Clay Cove or at your chosen venue e.g. by the beach

About the Trainers….

Clay Cove's facilitators are experienced management consultants who have consulted for many government agencies and multi-national corporations.  Since 2002, the facilitators have added pottery making as a component in the team-building workshops.  They aim to draw out the latent creativity among the participants and create a self-awareness of each participant’s ability to innovate within a team.   With their consulting background, Clay Cove’s facilitators will be able to value-add in each organisation’s team building process.  Apart from team building, Clay Cove’s facilitators also consult in the areas of change management for IT implementation, process review and strategic planning.

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