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Children continue to harness their creativity skills through pottery-making in the Advance courses. Each Advance level comprises of 6 sessions, which includes 4 making classes and 2 painting classes. You are able to make 4 projects in this course.

In each level of Advance, you will focus on different pottery methods. For example, Advance One emphasis is on Hollowing Method and Clay Modelling. You could design your Box/Bowl. Start by asking yourself what is your favourite animal and challenge yourself to convert that into a box or bowl.

CLAY COVE has prepared the pottery worksheets specially for you. There are 8 projects suggested for each Advance level. The projects are designed to harness your pottery skills that you acquired in Basic and Intermediate courses. At the same time, we would like you to demonstrate your creativity, develop your thinking skills, and enhance your socio-emotional. Clay Cove would encourage you to innovate from the suggested projects and/or from your imagination.

It’s suitable for 5-14 years old.

Costs: $270 for 6 sessions


They will learn to create and paint 4 pottery masterpieces!

The fee includes basic clay, glazes and firing of pottery artworks. The course must be completed within 4 months from start date.

For payment via PayNow, please use Clay Cove SGQR Label. Clay Cove UEN is T08LL0090D.

For Bill Reference Number, please indicate your child's / children's name.

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