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Children Courses


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Thursday / Friday:

3pm to 3:45pm

Saturday / Sunday

3pm to 3:45pm

Closed on Public Holidays


Toddler Pottery Course comprises of 4 sessions. Toddlers will 

explore the fun of working with clay. They enjoy squishing, squelching, pinching, rolling, poking, stretching and pounding the clay. 

It’s suitable for 3 to 4 years old.

Costs: $160 for 4 sessions

They will learn to create and paint 2 pottery masterpieces!

The fee includes basic clay, glazes and firing of pottery artworks. The course must be completed within 4 months from start date.


Mode of payment:

For PayNow, Clay Cove UEN is T08LL0090D or scan SGQR code. 

For Bill Reference Number, please indicate your child's / children's name. Please email screenshot of transfer to

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For PayPal, please click Buy Now.

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