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Memories Series

The flowers and leaves are collected by the artist. Some were from her walks, some were grown at home and some were cut flowers bought for special occasions. Memories of these day-to-day mundane and yet fulfilling experiences are imprinted onto the clay artworks. 


Dessert Plate 

  • Baby’s breath is one of artist's favourite flowers.
  • Baby's breath symbolises purity, sincerity, love, compassion, trust, everlasting love, innocence, and romance.
  • Artist collected the flowers at varies occasions.
  • Using slab-building method, the dried flowers were rolled onto the clay. 
  • Each artwork is handcrafted with tender care. You will notice the unique difference in each pottery artwork. 

Dessert Plate 03 (Memories series)

  • Moni (works and lives in Singapore)

    Moni has been a ceramist since 2002. Moni started her career as an engineer. She then progressed to become a management consultant, an entrepreneur, an art educator, an artist and now her latest vocation as an art therapist. She embraces change and challenges herself in new endeavours. Moni’s inspirations come from her interactions with students at Clay Cove (a ceramics studio she established since 2002), corporate clients, and art therapy’s clients (including people with dementia and patients in palliative care). Every encounter is a moment to seize, embrace and cherish. Moni celebrates life.

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