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Children Courses



Weekdays Schedule:

Mar 11 & 14 (Mon & Thurs)
10:30am–12pm, 1pm –2:30pm,

3pm–4:30pm, 5pm–6:30pm

Mar 12  & 15 (Tues & Fri)

3pm–4:30pm, 5pm–6:30pm

Weekends Schedule:
Mar 9 & 16 (Sat)
1pm –2:30pm, 3pm–4:30pm, 5pm–6:30pm

Mar 10  & 17 (Sun)

10:30am–12pm, 1pm –2:30pm,

3pm–4:30pm, 5pm–6:30pm

Clay Making (2 sessions)

- Create & Paint a Lovable Dragon

(suitable for 5 years old & above)

Welcome the Dragon Year at Clay Cove!

Clay is soft and malleable. Clay modelling helps to develop 3-D visualization in children. In rolling, cutting and shaping the clay, children learn about proportion, sizes, shapes and forms.


Dive into the world of clay sculpting as our instructors guide you through the step-by-step process of creating your very own dragon masterpiece. From shaping the body to adding intricate details, you'll learn the secrets to crafting a lovable dragon companion.


Course Fee: $125 (2 sessions)

For booking, please call us at 67338129 to schedule the sessions, then proceed to payment to confirm the seats.

Mode of payment:

For PayNow, Clay Cove UEN is T08LL0090D or scan SGQR code. For Bill Reference Number, please indicate your child's / children's name. Please email screenshot of transfer to

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