Summer Holidays

Foundation Pottery Course (4 sessions)

Children would learn the Pinching and Modelling techniques, create and paint three pinched pots and two penguins. Read more...


Advance Pottery Course (6 sessions)

Children would apply the techniques they learned in Foundation & Intermediate to create projects. Each advance level has 4 projects. They are encouraged to personalised their artworks. Read more...

Intermediate Pottery Course (6 sessions)

Children would learn the Coiling, Slab-building and Hollowing techniques, create and paint a bowl, a cup, a pencil holder and two boxes.  Read more...


September School Holiday Programme

Create & Paint Two Figurines

Immerse in the joy of clay making in this September school holiday. You will learn to create and paint two "Happy Fishes". Read more...

CLAY Making tutorials

Clay making is fun and engaging. Follow the steps using air-dried clay, plasticine or playdough at home.

Video 1: Create a Clay Rabbit

Video 2: Create a Clay Mouse

Video 3: Create a Clay Dog


Fun and engaging curriculum, giving children a space to exercise their creativity and to play

Therapeutic and self-fulfilling, giving adults a space to develop a hobby, to relax, and to play

Team building and stress relieving, giving co-colleagues a space to bond and rejuvenate

Healing and regulating emotion, giving individual a safe and contain space to heal


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