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Children Courses




April 1, 5, 8 & 12

Time slots

3pm–4:30pm or 5pm–6:30pm

Foundation Pottery Course (4 sessions)

- Create & Paint three ice-cream bowls and two cute penguins

(suitable for 5 years old & above)

Clay is soft and malleable. Clay modelling helps to develop 3-D visualization in children. In rolling, cutting, and shaping the clay, children learn about proportion, sizes, shapes, and forms. For this holiday, they will learn to create and paint three ice-cream bowls and two cute penguins.

Course Fee: $200 (4 sessions)

For booking, please call us at 67338129 to schedule the sessions, then proceed to payment to confirm the seats.

Mode of payment:

For PayNow, Clay Cove UEN is T08LL0090D or scan SGQR code. For Bill Reference Number, please indicate your child's / children's name. Please email screenshot of transfer to

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